Casa de Mesquite

In 2003, Peter Felker, who was living in Argentina as a PhD researcher on genetic improvement and management of mesquite and Patricia Lopez of the Adult Training School of the Diocese of Anatuya, Argentina, first exported 1000 kg of mesquite bean flour to the USA. With a network of 22 churches distributed over its 16 million acre jurisdiction, all containing abundant mesquite trees, the Diocese is well positioned to provide the pod resource for a large scale mesquite flour industry.

In 2005 Peter Felker who was now living in California acquired this 1000 kg of mesquite flour and began to import additional flour from Argentina.  In 2006 USDA Organic certification was obtained for the flour and in 2007 Kosher certification was obtained for the flour.

In 2006 to diversify sourcing on both sides of the Andes, the first container of USDA Organic, Kosher mesquite flour was imported from Peru. In 2010 Peter Felker organized a new company, Casa de Mesquite LLC, to import and market mesquite flour in the USA.


During this time Peter Felker, together with Dr. Gary Takeoka of the USDA co authored scientific papers on the aroma/volatile components of mesquite flour, a scientific literature review of mesquite flour and made a presentation at the Institute of Food Technology on mesquite flour. Additionally, Peter Felker co authored publications with Argentine colleagues on the high pH (10.3), salinity tolerance and pod yield of elite clones in Argentine field trials. These papers are available free of charge.

In 2012 Casa de Mesquite issued a voluntary recall for a new source of Peruvian mesquite flour due to Bacillus cereus concentrations above FDA permitted values. As a result of this event Casa de Mesquite has initiated third party sampling of every pallet of flour as it is produced. The third party sends the samples to a certified laboratory in California. In addition to providing existing clients with USDA Organic Kosher Mesquite flour, for clients with special bacteriological requirements (almost sterile flour for neutral pH applications such as ice cream) Casa de Mesquite has contracted with USDA researchers for gamma irradiation trials and a petition is in process with the FDA for approval of gamma irradiation for mesquite flour. Casa de Mesquite has submitted drafts for a HACCP plan for review and has a target objective of HACCP approval for January of 2016.

Casa de Mesquite’s business model is to continue to provide a mesquite bean flour with the most flavorful profile possible and one that meets USA food safety requirements. Casa de Mesquite believes that over the past 10 years it has imported more mesquite flour than any other importer. While conducting some retail sales with the Casa de Mesquite brand, mesquite bean flour sales are primarily to formulators and private label mesquite flour retailers.

For technical issues regarding mesquite flour contact the Casa de Mesquite science partner

For mesquite bean flour wholesale orders, both packaged and bulk, call 1-310-651-2364.