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Our USDA Organic, gluten free, Kosher mesquite flour is made from the beans of trees from Argentina and Peru, and is a versatile ingredient that will add flavor and aroma to surprisingly different types of gluten free and non-gluten free products. The mild cinnamon/coconut/chocolate type aroma and flavor can be achieved by using about 2 rounded tablespoons per cup of dry ingredients. This requires a slight increase in liquid to the mixture (often milk). Mesquite is an excellent source of dietary fiber. In her new book, Super Natural Cooking, Heidi Swanson described mesquite flour as “absolutely delicious, with a scent that is both warm and comforting but with much less edge than a cinnamon or even canela. When heated it permeates the kitchen with a mellow sweet fragrance that is unlike anything else.” Net wt. 10 oz. Ship wt. 1 lb.

Cooking/Baking is Highly Recommended.
If one chooses to eat the product raw, after moistening the flour, keep all ingredients cool (preferably at refrigeration temperature), and consume the finished product within 20 minutes of flour moistening.


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