Gluten free corn chips and corn and wheat flour tortillas with Mesquite flour. Posted on 13 May 06:32 , 0 comments

On pages 86-91 of Dan Meyers pioneering PhD thesis on utilization of mesquite pods,  in taste panel tests he found that for both corn chip eaters and non corn chip eaters, addition of 10 and 20% mesquite flour to the chips significantly increased perceptions of flavor and aroma.

Due to the lack of gluten and need for flexibility in tortillas, gluten free corn and flour tortillas have been a real challenge.  Thanks to food scientists at Ingredion, modified starches have been developed such as ULTRA TEX 3, Precisa 320, Precisa 151and Precisa BAKE GF ( that  can overcome the structural issues with corn chips and wheat flour tortillas.

Ingredion has a very nice summary of uses of modified s starches in Gluten free tortillas , and a particular recipe just for Gluten free tortillas.  Casa de Mesquite has not tested this recipe for gluten free tortillas with mesquite but it would seem that this Ingredion recipe will make a major contribution to use of mesquite in gluten free tortillas.  As mesquite flour provides optimum flavor and aroma at 15% of total dry weight in pancakes, this concentration a good place to start. Therefore a reasonable modification of the Ingredion recipe for mesquite gluten free tortillas would be as follows.


True %

PRECISA® BAKE GF texturizing system


Mesquite flour


ULTRA-TEX® 3 modified tapioca starch




Vegetable Oil


VITESSENCE® Pulse 3600 faba bean protein




Sugar (as mesquite has 40% sucrose drop this)




GUMPLETE™ Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh SR-2





This recipe has replaced  the pea flour which was at 14%  in the Ingredion recipe with mesquite at 9%. This has been done to achieve a 15%  by dry weight mesquite concentration.  The sugar in the Ingredion recipe has been eliminated since the 9 % mesquite flour contains approximately 3.6% sucrose.

We  hope some creative chefs, food technologist and scientists will give this a try and we do hope you will share the results with us!!!