Introduction to Food Technologist Resource page

Casa de Mesquites objective in this Food Technologist resource tab is to be the “Go To” page for questions from Food Technologists and Food scientists on how to take advantage of mesquite flours characteristics with coverage of;

1 Flavor profiles of mesquite from various species and regions

2 Flavor profiles, nutritional composition and Rancidity following different processing methods.

3 Management of critical food safety issues known to occur in Mesquite i.e. Bacillus cereus, aflatoxins and the insects Indian Meal moth (Plodia interpunctella ) and bruchids (Algarobius Prosopis)

4 Glycemic index issues with 45 % sucrose in Mesquite flours

5.Review of scientific papers reporting panel taste tests of various formulations with mesquite

6.Nutritional value of mixes with mesquite, amaranth and quinoa

7.Technology of using non gluten mesquite with new polymers to assist in structure of gluten free tortillas

8.Links to scientific reviews, PhD theses and refereed journal articles on the Food Technology, Food Safety and Ethnobotany of food uses of Mesquite. This is a comprehensive  review of gluten free products. 

Aflatoxin in Arizona mesquite pods.

US National Academy of Sciences Workshop on International Uses of Mesquite

Dr. Daniel Meyer, PhD Thesis ETH Zurich,  on Food Chemistry of mesquite pods

1937 Anthropologist (Castetter and Bell) review of indigenous uses of mesquite in southwestern USA

 Gastronomica review of anthropological use of mesquite pods

2012 Scientific review of food chemistry of mesquite mesocarp pod flour