New mesquite flour plant under construction in Argentina

Casa de Mesquite Mission statement: To be the World’s Premier supplier of mesquite bean flour with the most rigorous food safety protocols, the best nutritional profile, the richest aroma and flavor and the most reliable bulk supplier.

In 2021, Casa de Mesquite assembled a great team of young professionals to produce mesquite flour, purchased/contracted for 8 machines for an assembly line, continuous, high production mesquite flour line, purchased property in Santiago del Estero Argentina to build a new plant, and commissioned design for an international food safety level (BRCstart) approved plant. On January 12, 2022, plans were submitted to construction companies to build the plant. It is anticipated that assembly line production testing will begin in late April of 2022. As seen in the photos twenty tons of mesquite pods have already been purchased. The pods are being stored in big bags in neatly organized rows to facilitate traceability and mechanized high throughput production.

On December 15 of 2021, Peter retired from 18 years at D’Arrigo Bros of California and after visiting daughters in Austin, Texas where he and his wife Anita have a lovely condominium, they moved to Argentina where they will be managing the production 6 months a year, and living in Austin, Texas the other 6 months of the year.

Peter and Anita are very grateful for 19 years of support from our wonderful clients and we look forward to serving you even better.